Polar Moods

Fire from Ice. Music from Silence. In 15 Minutes.

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At 1 minute 18 seconds this one turned into something completely different. There is a reason film score composers are creating themes for different characters in a movie. People, places, concepts do have a strong power to evoke music. Four measures at 1:18 are a character theme I have since 2002 that just bursted into the piece, all because of a phone call couple of hours earlier. It made me slow down and stop, but it all turned out well. @SoundCloud

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Wow, how much I hate the Sinatra version of Unforgettable! Last month during dinner in a lakeside hotel near Helsinki, they played it as background music. Soon we have realized it was the only song they played that evening over and over again. The beautiful waitress told us she considers asking for a raise because of that. Next morning they played it for breakfast too. That song was one of my favorites before visiting Finland.

Please listen to my new piano improvisation only once… @SoundCloud

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I have recorded this piece immediately after going home from a piano concert of the Turkish pianist Fazıl Say. I can only attribute this piece to the special inspirational power of the great pianist. Seriously, I have no idea how I did this, just listen :) @SoundCloud

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